How to add WSA addressing and MTOM information complex API call

How to add WS-A addressing and MTOM information complex API call using http request. Please guide me.


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did you happen to they the api on postman?

if yes then please copy the curl from postman and import so that the api arguments will be auto created


Hi Anil and all,

We always used for free version of soapUI and we would like to have enterprise level tool that supports various type of applications such as API web service, Database service, web-based application and mainframe applications, that is why we choose UiPath and we are validating tools. I would like to see what soapUI has or better way to support our testing needs. I can not share any file or project information . But i would like to get ideas from this forum to address our issues and apply into my project as below

  1. How to add WS-A addressing with request or any where that i need to setup
  2. How to enable MTOM. In our application, we can not make any post without MTOM
  3. I would like to know how to attach XML file within Http Request. The attachment is in xml format designed by schema. It also required file size and and other information
  4. We are not using any open sources tool or Postman.

Please help me and understand my situation. Hope you have same issue faced in past projects and i just need information how to do end to end.

Thank you all.

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