How to add wait time for each URL to load from data table

Hi All,
I am having trouble with url load and saving as .html.The url is taking more time to load.anyone suggest some solution will be great help.

We can use ON ELEMENT APPEAR or ON IMAGE APPEAR activity and look for any element or image to appear in the web page and once after it appears the next activity of converting that to any form can be done

Cheers @yamini_reddy

Hi @Palaniyappan Thanks for the quick response and the solution.
How can i save each opened web page as .html.I have tried send hotkey ctr+s and enter.But its not triggerong.

Ctrl+a in send hot key will work for sure if it’s chrome or even IE

use GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY once after using open browser activity and inside that activity use a SEND HOT KEY activity with just keys as ctrl+a and no element chosen for selectors

And then another one with enter as key so that it will be saved as HTML file

Cheers @yamini_reddy

Can you please elaborate little more like which needs to be added under what?
This is the screenshot of my workflow

here you go
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarificaiton (2.3 KB)

Cheers @yamini_reddy