How to add variable counter to selector?

this is my code, I want to replace the number 1 with a variable counter so that the number can be dynamic. What is the correct syntax for the selector in order for the Type Into activity to function? I am using the Type Into activity.

have a look here

dynamic selectors are supporting variables form datatype string and int32

Hi @Muhammad_Fikri

You can declare a variable called shipDateVar & assign the data accordingly. Whatever the dynamic number that you get, you can store it like this:

shipDateVar = “shipDate”+dynamicNumber.ToString

So, you can get the data like ‘shipDate1’, ‘shipDate2’, etc in the variable.

Then you can send this variable to the selector to make it dynamic:

<HTML app='chrome.exe' title='Automation Anywhere'>
<webctrl id='{{shipDateVar}}' tag='INPUT'>

In this way, the selector will become dynamic.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.