How to add URL with Write Cell activity

Hi. I want to add link with Write Cell activity. How can I do that ?

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Hi @mgokcek

Try to automate the excel. open the excel and write cell activity and use send hotkeys like ctrl + k to go to hyper link that is shown below and do your desire things

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Hi @mgokcek
use excel application scope and use send hot key as ctrl+k and use type into and type the value

Ashwin S

Cleanest way to just send macro after opening excel

With Worksheets(1) 
 .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Range("a5"), _ 
 Address:="", _ 
 ScreenTip:="Write us today", _ 
End With 

Hi @mgokcek,

Just put it between quotes. Like this: “URL” Or you mean a hyperlink?


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Kindly try this once

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