How to add type into in sequence without open browser? or How to link 2sequences in such a way that open browser is not need to add again?

In my project i am unable to add type into in the connected sequence in flowchart. Here in the first sequence open browser is used but in the other sequence the open browser is not used due to which type into is not adding.

How do I link two sequences so that i need not to have add open browser again in the 2nd sequence?


Hi @Yash

So kindly go to your first open browser activity where there will be an output in properties …kindly create a variable there, which is an browser variable and store it as an out argument

Later use that argument in next sequence

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Hi Nikhil,
Thanks for the suggestion but still I am unable to use the argument in the sequence as if I have to import data from excel to form on the browser.

@Yash These activities has to be used within the Use Application/ Browser activity. There are two ways to achieve your scenario


  • You can use Type into without any Use Application/ Browser` activity. For this make sure you follow the below steps
  • Go to the activities panel
  • Click on the filter option at the top and enable Show Classic

  • Search for Type Into and you can see that activity under Classic. This helps you to use directly without any Use Application/ Browser activity.


  • Copy the activities which is in the sequence 2 to sequence1
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Hi Usha,
Thanks for your help. Approach1 has resolved my problem. :metal:

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