How to Add to Queue with multiple lines of data for a single record

I have the following scenario where i want to add to queue with multiple lines of data for a single record.Please find the attached sample data.
Eg:If a customer ID contains multiple lines of data(like multiple address) for single record i must be able to access the data from queue these n no of lines for that single customer

Queue.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Put all information into one cell, use Chr(10) as a row divider. Excel would perfectly show that. When reading, use Split with same delimiter.

Thank you for the response.we have huge amount of data so putting all them into 1 cell will be difficult.Can you suggest any other alternative?

Hi. Well, the orchestrator queue has a flat structure. It is good for transaction management, but not perfect for storing data. Combination by SQL server and O. queue would be a perfect solution. I would build two tables 1-to-many relationship in SQL server, and would keep just a reference to the main table in the orchestrator’s queue.