How to add to datatable for each work item in the orchestrator queue?

I created a datatable and passed the relevant variables for each column, but after each work item in my queue, it overrides the previous instead of adding it to the next row of the datatable. Can someone show me an example of how this can be done/fixed?

Hi @happygal321
use read range for excel and use for each in datatable and use Add Queue Item And pAss the collection with row vAlue & check it

Ashwin S

I dont get it. Can you provide an example of this

Are you passing the index at which the new value to be added or how are you trying to do @happygal321? Can you explain a bit

i didnt pass the index. do i need to? or do i need to create a counter of some type?

How do i pass the index?

Sorry for all the confusion, you are writing the new value to data table right? Or you are adding the queue?

I am creating a new datatable. For each item in my queue, i want it to update the datatable when it’s complete or runs into an exception.

Yes, Just leave all the stuff above :slight_smile: @happygal321

For each transaction , you are using a Add data row right?

Yup. I did

  1. Build DataTable
  2. Add Data Row

You just need to use Build Data table once at the starting of the workflow and for every queue, just add data row is enough. may be you are creating new data table everytime so it is adding first row everytime @happygal321

So I can just move the build Data table to the init section of my reframework, and then use add data row in the SetTransactionStatus.xaml(in Success, Handle Business Rule Exception, and Handle System Error)?

Exactly, build the data table once and pass it as arguments to add the data row @happygal321

You are done