How to add the sender name, email address and Attachment name to an excel?

Hello guys,

I try to extract the name, email address and attachment folder from every email received. I developed the receiving and saving of the attachment and I also know how to write the datatable to excel. So far I tried to use “Build datatable” activity and add rows by initiating a list and add the items to the collection (error: I was not able to initiate a list of mails), the last thing was now to keep the addresses in a mailmessage,collection (as shown here Check if an email has been sent out), however I get the error message “mail.from” can not be converted to collection (is this only working for sent out messages?).

Here’s my code, if this helps: GmailReading_Main.xaml (20.3 KB)

I would be so thankful if one of you can help me!


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I think you do’t need collection, because you are reading and writing one by one.

Attached you can find an XAML that saves attachments, and moves the emial and record the details on a xlsx file, let me know if this helps you and mark this post as solved.

PS. just change the paths :wink:

regards- GmailReading_Main (1).xaml (17.6 KB)



Sorry for coming back so late too you!

Your solution helped me a lot. Thanks so much!


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