How to add text to excel rows after using if function in excel

I tried creating bot which would compare one excel sheet rows with other excel sheet rows according some conditions and write status in the first excel sheet last row “auto released”. Unfortunately the bot always choose same outcome, even if the conditions are met… could someone help to identify what is the issue?
I used these functions:

Hi @Gyte_Bliudziute

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Can you please share the code with sample excel files? That will be helpful for understanding the issue.

Thank you.


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Your outline image looks fine
And I could understand that you are using write cell activity to update the last cell of the excel

Make sure you have the cell range mentioned correctly and value is passed

Can we have a screenshot of what is mentioned in write cell activity

Cheers @Gyte_Bliudziute

You can launch process in debug mode and step by step verify your variables and check which condition doesn’t work.