How to add text to a particular location in a text file

I have data in data table, that data must be printed in the middle of text file. I am trying to make a dynamic HTML file.

I need add the data in a specific location on the notepad. (mainly after the body tag)

is there any way to do that?

All suggestions are welcome!

Thank you for helping me out.

Hi @ice_cream

Look into the thread for some related information



Hi, @Gokul001

When I follow those steps my text file is not changing, it is changing in the output file but not the text file.

could you tell me why that is happening?

Thank you for the help!

Hi @ice_cream

Have you got any placeholder text you can anchor onto? Or can you insert an Anchor? You could then use a Regex Replace in an Assign.

Left Assign:

Right Assign:

Happy to assist further if you need.



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