How to add text and select drop down and check box in pop-up window made in flex

I have a web site made in flex. I want that robot should add text in it. I am able to add text in the page. However, in case of a pop-up window it is not working, whenever I am selecting a text box in it, the ui path is selecting the whole pop-up as an iframe. Anyhow, I managed to select few text boxes by changing in selectors. The selectors which I used are as follows
<html title='Quality Agent' />
<ctrl idx='8' role='graphic' />

This is a sample selector. I have used Type Into activity for this task.

However, this idx is not working perfectly for all the elements, different idx are pointing to same element few of the times. Therefore, messing the whole task.

Anyone, please help me in this regard.

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Hi Raju ,

Can you replace ‘Quality Agent’ with * and delete remove idx from Selectors.

Mahaling Patil

Hi Mahaling,
Thanks for your help and attention towards my post. However, it didn’t work. On removing the idx part, it is not adding any value to the text boxes.

Is it possible to share that URL?

Sorry I can’t share the URL. It’s against our organisation’s norms.

try with anchor base.

Hi Divyashreem,
Thanks for your attention towards my issue. However, anchor base didn’t work in my case.

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You are using idx, which you cannot relay all the time, hence please open the UiExplorer and try to add some other attribute for this and removing IDX.