How to Add Subfolders in Outlook?

I have an Outlook folder structure like the following:

Automotive (Roof folder for bot to process mail items)
—>Automotive Archive (subfolder with month folders below)
------>01. January
------>02. February
------>03. March

Basically, my bot is processing all mail found in “Automotive” root folder as above by using Get Exchange Mail activity and a bunch of other activities to process. At the end of this process, I want to archive the mail into the relevant subfolder for the current month. What is the best way to be doing this?

For example, if mail item is picked up today, I want it to calculate today’s date/month (August 2020) and move to the “Automotive/Automotive Archive/08. August” subfolder, and if subfolder doesn’t already exist, creates it. This is just to archive them in the month folders once completed.

My current solution I was trying to work on uses the following
Assign Activity: OutlookFolders = app_Outlook.Session.DefaultStore.GetRootFolder().Folders
I’ve been browsing all possible options with this, and I can only get the bot to give me all the root folder names in Outlook. I’m not sure how to read all the subfolders inside each root folder?

Any help appreciated!

Try to use mail folder path property in Get Exchange as below
Automotive.Automotive Archive
Automotive.Automotive Archive.01. January
Automotive.Automotive Archive.02. February
Automotive.Automotive Archive.03. March

Let me know if it works

I’m not sure how to do this - what would I do?

My suggestion would be, create the 12 months folder inside Automotive Archive folder manually.
Then read the email from Automotive root folder, will give the current date in string format. Extract the month from the string.
Use a switch case, case as month. Inside each switch use activity Move exchange mail message, input will be the item. Target mail folder will be (for example : Automotive.Automotive Archive.01. January)
Use 12 case for each month and inside switch repeat the move exchange mail message by changing the target mail folder.

Let me know if it works

The Out look is the for Group messaging and for this you can use folder system. It is very simple create as going to folder panel and right click and create new folder and use option to place sub folder.