How to add String message into Array

Hi All,

I am Extracting Data from PDF and it look Like below.

Below is details of Payments Batches.
Batch Number Documents
ABCD22_02_2019 20
PQR22_02_2019 10
XYZ_22_01_2019 25
LMN_22_01_2019 17
Reconciliation with Excel file.

Now I want to split “ABCD22_02_2019” and “20” like all 4 lines.
so how will I total get line count and after that I will use Split

Thank you.
Pradip P



First you can split using Environment.NewLine and store in string array
Inside For Each,
Check using IF condition whether it contains digit(Integer)
Then split again with Space

Thank you,
Saranya K R

Thanks @Saranya K R

Ok, I will try this.

Pradip P