How to add speech marks in a string

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How do you add speech marks to a string? So, for example, I want the string to output “this is a not a joke” with the “” in the message

double up the quotation marks, otherwise you can use chr(34) so it’d be: chr(34) + “this is a not a joke” + chr(34)


I tried to double up the quotes. It did not work. Why char(34)?

Hi @bobby,

Try using below expression:

“\“this is a not a joke\””

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Hi @bobby

Actually you need three double quotes. At the beginning the first double quote opens string and the next two will place a double quote in the string. At the end the first two quotes will place the quote symbol in the string. The last double quote will close the string.

“”“this is not a joke”“”

if contained in a string

“I told you ““this is not a joke”” a million times”



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here you go an example xaml on that (9.3 KB)

Cheers @bobby

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Thanks guys, I got it working. @Palaniyappan @san.nagane @tmays @Dave. :slight_smile:

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