How to add specific date + 10 days?


I have a specific date like 02.08.18 and I wanna add 10 days on it to be 12.08.18

How to include cases if month or year will end by adding the 10 days?
For example:
29.08.18 plus 10 days should be 08.09.18


If your date is variable type of DateTime, then you can just add it as date.AddDays(10).

Rammohan B.

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To convert your date string to a date time type, you will need to use DateTime.ParseExact() probably.

Look here for some examples:

Then just add the .AddDays(number)
The same method can be used to subtract days by making it negative.

Hey @ClaytonM
I am getting this error when trying to use DateTime.ParseExact()

what should I do?

Hey @Rammohan91

How to make the date variable type as DateTime? Thanks

Hey Mate,

I believe you are using a variable named CultureInfo. Check the scope of this variable. My guess is, it not accessible at point where you are trying to us it.

Hey, no I am not using a variable named CultureInfo. I thought maybe it’s a default system variable. Should I declare it?

Hi @UiMe

You need to either import the Namespace or use the full namespace infront of the CultureInfo. I think it is System.Globalization.CultureInfo

Oh, my bad. Let me try to create the same scenario.

Attached xaml file.
AddWorkingDays.xaml (11.9 KB)

You can change the default argument and run it.

Can I pass 10 as variable?

Yes. You can assign 10 or any integer number to an integer variable & pass the variable to the function .AddDays().

Can you please show an example of syntax?

I want to add -10

Thank you. I am able to add 10 as variable.


there´s also a good way to add days from today: Date.Now.AddDays(-10).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”) don´t know if that will fit your need, though.

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