How to add Specific column after grouping some columns?

I have two columns. (Date and Invoice Number) and three rows. I have to group those Rows then if any value(Date and Invoice Number) repeats means it automatically grouped if values are not the same means it will write separately. after that, I want to add one value for one row which is in a loop. all the values in the loop. How to add those values?

My Input is like this :

Need Output Like :
678678 09/09/2019 89jmk4

Thank You.


If all the row elements repeat then you can use inbuilt activity ‘remove duplicate rows’.

Or you will have to write a select query by taking one column as the primary key.

Please elaborate with more data and sample output.

I will try. but the 3rd column only different other all column values are same .so it will remove or?

Hi @Kalees9486

I request you to give me an input xls and output xls stating the conditions on which you want to merge or delete rows so that I can better understand and go about giving you a solution. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay . i got the expected output.

Thank you .