How to add sheet in excel and rename it

Hello, suppose i have the excel spreadsheet which contain the 5 cell with name into it on first column. I want that to create the 5 sheet in and rename those sheet according to the value in first sheet cells. How will i do that. Please help

  1. Excel Application Scope - to open the Excel
  2. Read Range - to read first column values, which is stored into Data table dtExcelNames
  3. Create one data table using Assign Activity (dt = New DataTable), say “dt”
  4. For each “item” in dtExcelNames
    item(0) → contains the excel sheet name to be created
    Use Write Range Activity → pass sheet name as item(0), range “A1” and source “dt”

Karthik Byggari

Please find the attached flow (15.4 KB)