How to add several files using by variables in send email

I want add several files in send email activity. But the number of files is dynamic according to the previous process result. I can save these files in certain folder. So how can I add these files in this activity?

Store the files in one folder
then by using for each
add them in a list by using Add To collection
then result of ad to collection i.e. list will be assign in below

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Hello Fightblue,

In order to add a dynamic number of file to the collection you’ll use in the Outlook activity, you can list all the files from a folder with an assign activity like that :slight_smile:
FilePathArray = Directory.GetFiles(“YourFolderPath”,"*.YourFileExtension")

Have a nice day

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one more question,how to use Add To collection?

Use for each
Create variable in variable pane of data type List
And default value New List(of string)
Use add to collection give collection name as u create one
And the item will be your for each item

thank you

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