How to add rows in existing datatable

My requirement is like i want to compare the values of two datatables based on two columns.
If both the Column values of datatable2 contains in datatable 1,then i need to take both the values of datatable1 ,add one row in datatable2 just below the matched value and paste the value of datatable 1.

How to do itt pls help

Hi @Tabbu

Sorry I didn’t saw the tag mentioned!

Please refer to logic skeleton xaml below!

Main.xaml (11.8 KB)


Getting error .
Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute

Hi @Tabbu

Not much familiar with Studio-X

Looping @Yoichi to have a view on the above!


Using studio pro

Hi @Tabbu

Enable classic option from the activities filter!

and try with the xaml below!

Main.xaml (10.0 KB)


This is not working as per the requirement


Try appending outstide the body of loop!


Not that also not working

Hi @Tabbu

Can we have the input and Excepted output Screenshot!


The above is input file.
Like this i have two input files.The data is same as this file only the column name changes and all the data are unmerge in second input file,unlike above input file.

Here is the ouput sheet.

Note: where .mht is written is the second input file and where Excel is written is the first input file.

The requirement is like we can have any number of .mht input file and for that only one excel file is there.
If 3 .mht file is there so we will compare one row of excel with 3 .mht file.

Here we need to get unique value of column Entrycode, Col_D, Deal and Z_deal.

Note that in 1st input excel file thr Entry code and Col_D column is merged but in output it is unmerged.

Please helppp!!
I m stuck in a project

Hi @Tabbu

Cant able to understand your query much clearly!

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Hi! @Tabbu,

It’s difficult to understand your query. can we divide the topic.

May i know what will be the first case we need to achieve from your input excels?

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Yess okay,
Firstly,There 2 input files which are similar but one file we need to consider it excel file and other one is extracted from web,so second file is .mht file we will consider .

First we need to check Entry number ,Entry Name and Numbrr of both the files.
If these three are match then only we will proceed ahead.

But the position of these column of both the file is not static.

Till here if clear please confirm