How to add process to orchestrator CE?

Hi, I am not sure what to enter for below fields. Pls guide me.

Thank you xoxo

Please go thru the Orchestrator training in the UIPath Academy.
It was clearly explained how to create Robot, package, Environment etc.,

Karthik Byggari

when you publish the code from studio it will show you one pop up with published package details you can get package name and package version from that, And environment is the one which you create while you create Robot, it more likely in which machine(Environment you want to run this process).

Publish the project from studio, pop up will show the package path.
In Orchestrator
1.Go to Processes , on second tab you can find packages
2. upload the package and go to processes tab and than add process by selecting the package name

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@sureshj @Divyashreem @KarthikByggari
Thank you for your help.
However, what do I enter for Environment?


Environment The name of the environment assigned to a given package.
TransactionalProcess doesn’t work either

The name of the environment assigned to a given package.
I see the links, it is something like doc_env but when I enter it, it says no result are found

please refer this video

UiPath Orchestrator | UiPath Tutorials | RPA Tutorial For Beginners | RPA Training | Edureka - YouTube it has a clear explanation on orchestrator


Create the environment in robots in second tab ,you can create your own environment name.
Hope this may help you.


you should create new environment on robot page.

Hi, When I run the job, It says Failed to install package.
I tried to install in the system.tray but same thing.

One of the suggested way in the link above is to add proxy settings to nuget.config. How do you do that?

'Pls help

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