How to add prefixes to data table

Also, Could I make a suggestion somewhere that the devs add a prefix option in the data scraping wizard? It’d be incredibly handy if they gave us a simple box in which we can type a prefix and/or suffix,and it applies that to whatever it scrapes.

I noticed that while going through the data scraping, I can come across this code:

	<column exact="1" name="Title" attr="text" name2="URL" attr2="href">
		<webctrl tag="li" class="jobPreview well"/>
		<webctrl tag="h3" idx="1"/>
		<webctrl tag="a" idx="1"/>

Can I edit that code in such a way that it adds the prefixes? It might be simpler and easier than other method. Thanks.

That’s actually a narrow use case as far as I can tell - please note that adding something to the Studio should be useful to majority (or at least significant minority).
Although, nothing prevents you from doing so - Ideas category is a good place for it.

This is the metadata of what should be extracted. To be honest I’m not too good with it, but maybe someone else can help you with that. AFAIK it works like selectors for the columns (sort of), so I think it will not cover your use case.

Alright, well thank you anyway, and everyone else who helped. I’ll consider it to be working well at this point.

I’m pretty sure you cannot use this to append/prepend. But like Andrzej, I treat this as a black box, since I don’t really understand it. If I can’t get the wizard to play nice, I use JS or something else to fix the problem.

Also, you should check out the Regex.Replace and String.Replace methods.

To anyone landing here from Google - a simpler solution is just to have one Assign with:

row.item(“yourVariable”) = row.item(“yourVariable”).ToString.Insert(0,“https://”)

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Hei Nathaniel_Pillar
Have you solved the problem? could you share the solution?

Hi Nathan, please let me know if you still need this one resolved. I just finished doing exactly what you are trying to do. I can help. Please let me know.

Can you share the solution please? As i’m getting the same problem.

This is the solution. It works. Thank you :grinning: