How to add Orchestrator website in IIS?

I am getting timeout error while publishing project to Orchestrator. I have seen multiple posts to increase the memory limit in IIS but I am not able to find Orchestrator in IIS. Are there any steps to add Orchestrator in IIS?


May I know your project size ?

The size is 359 MB


It’s huge :scream::scream: I guess it contains some unnecessary files also. Please delete all unnecessary files from your project folder.

Are you using ReFramework here ? And also can you check any folder called Exception_Screenshots is there in your project folder. If yes then please delete all files from it and then check project size once.

I know it’s huge. Yes, I am using RE Framework. I had deleted all the unnecessary files already and there are no screenshots


Are you saving any output reports inside project folder ?

Can you please share screenshot of the project folder structure here ? And also May I know how many xaml files are there ? Is all files related to one project ?

Ok. I am able to publish the project successfully now. There were a lot of reporting files. I deleted that but irrespective of that how can I add Orchestrator in IIS?



Have a look below thread and follow the steps.

No no I have seen these steps. I am not able to see Orchestrator website in IIS to update it. How do I add ‘UiPathOrchestrator’ here in Sites section


Hope you are using On-Premises Orchestrator. If yes then it should be there in server machine where you installed Orchestrator application and no need to add anything.

If you are not able to find there then please contact UiPath support team.