How to add only selective column in existing datatable

Hi all,

I have created a datatable in init stage and i want to add only few column details into datatable at Process state and based on transaction status i need to update status column whether it is sucessful or failure.

So could anyone pls help me how can i update only few columns in datatable.Also im not using it in for each loop so how can i get row number to add column details.


Use Filter Datatable activity and write your columns to appear


This will help you


HI sirini,

I want to add new data to columns in the created datatable but not to filter the data in the datatable.

You can use Look up activity and take the Unique reference, declare IntCellIndex Variable in RowIndex

You can create a Excel file outside and in the stages of Success and failure you can place Write cell activity


Hope this help you


If I understood your need correctly, please try the “Add data column” activity, you’ll need to call the column “Name” and reference the datatable. If you wish to update the Excel file you can just write range to the directory of the file.

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