How to add new Robot license to existing Orchetrator?

Hi, everyone.

Recently my company bought new UiPath Robot License and already got the license key. The new Robots need to be attached to existing Orchestrator, but I don’t know how to redeem the new License key. License menu in Host side only give a button to remove license and update the license. The Update button give me form to redeem the license, but I am too afraid to try redeeming it because I don’t know if I redeem it would be replaced my existing Orchestrator License with new License that only have new robot. I hope you guys who have a knowledge or experience about this can help me what should I do.

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It would be good to contact the technical support they can help you with merging the licenses


Hey @Anil_G ,

Thanks for your suggestion to contact UiPath Technical Support. Because the new license is bought for new tenant, so the proposed solution was apply the new license code to Tenant level. With this method the new license wouldn’t interrupt the existing license.

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