How to add new fields dynamically in to datatable



i want to get the format like


now im getting the format like below


which function you are using to add values to excel sheet from data table…

if you are using write range by default it will start from 1st row


ya …im using write range…


is there any solution to add new fields in the top of the file??


if you are using write range, whats the starting row you have mentioned to add data to new excel sheet.



you said you need to add dynamic field value to excel sheet, in first post you have given screenshot. it looks like a some template sheet.

you want to add field(COLUMN …?) at the end of the table or something.?



Inserts a new column into a table. If no position is specified, the column is inserted at the end of the table. Can only be used in the Excel Application Scope activity.


I will try this…

Thank you…