How to add new Document type in Configure Classifiers drop down

Hello All,

Please help me with below queries:

  1. How to add new document type along with existing one’s (invoice, w4, receipt, etc.,) so that they appear in drop down under Machine Learning Classifiers column.

  2. From where the list of these document types gets fetched.

Appreciate the help.

Hi @shubhamkumar.tiwari

refer the below video for reference. 7.04 sec configure classfiers.


Looks like your is a trained model…if ao you need to train the new doc also in ai center and then create or update the skill


Already done that Anil. I need to know How to add new doc type/ML classifiers in drop down (in right side column) under Get capabilities of Configure Classifiers.
In this drop down by default I have options such as Invoice, Receipt, Purchase Orders, W9, Utility_Bills, delivery_notes, 990, etc.

How to add new doc type in this list? From where it syncs the options for us to select while configuring classifiers?

Thanks for the link Baskar. Video shows only How to configure classifiers.

The place where he type’s folder names as “Invoice”, “Account_Creation_Form”, etc. Now in present AI center it has changed to drop down instead of input text box. So I want to add a new Classifier/Doc type/folder name in that drop down. So that for if I create a Taxonomy for document of Type ‘A’ it will sync in their and I should be able to map it with similar option from the drop down.


Add in the taxonomy manager



Want to add items in drop down marked in red. Please refer image.

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Did yoi happen to add a new document type in your center skill?

Ideally if you add there then it should reflect here…


Can you guide me on exactly how to do this please?

I have my trained and updated versions of ML skills added in AIC under skills tab for Invoices model.

@shubhamkumar.tiwari @Shubham_Tiwari

What did you train?

did you happen to add a new docuemnt type and was that type coming in your evaluation runs?


Not sure how to add document type while training.
I normally ran full pipeline with same dataset as training and evaluation datasets for Invoice OOTB model after labelling documents in document manager.

Please guide if anything else is also to be done. Would appreciate detailed explanation with steps.


You would train only one type of documents may be invoices then select invoices as the type

This is a extractor right and not a classifier


Sorry to not clear this.

I have selected invoices for the invoices taxonomy. This is done.
Now, the question is,

When I get a totally new type of document for e.g., Transport_Tickets
I create taxonomy for this. It will reflect in Configure classifier also on left side.
But then What option to select from the drop down circled in red in this case? Because there is no option saying Transport Tickets.

How to proceed in this case to add Transport_Tickets option in that dropdown? How does that work?


Under what model you labelled it?

And did ypu run evaluation pipeline and check if itnis extractng?

What fields did you train? Depending on that fields present in which mode seect it