How to add new data row in excel

how to add new data row in the data table every day I want to extract some data from one more data table and I want to save the data in another excel sheet (In this excel data has been present) don’t overwrite every day I want to add new data extract from another excel file.

How to do this

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in general new data is added to Excel with the append range activity


adding add data row activity

Please add photos or excel file so that we can help you


I got the solution i use Directory.getFiles(“PathOfTheFile”) in assign activity(Variable_1)
path exist–Activity use its a boolean value its give
Use read range activity
inside that use add data row <<>> in array row use row.itemArray
come out of if loop and excel scope use write range activity
use build data table in starting its self

And you will get the O/P

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