How to Add Multi field in Input Dailog

Hi All,
I want to add multi pal controls in Input dialog control . So I tried many times as per blog but I could not success . Please help me . I am following below mentioned steps .

  1. Drag And Drop Input Dialog from LHS Menu.
  2. Create a dictionary type Variable (Name : Variable1) : Dictionary<String,String> .
  3. Assign default value :
    New Dictionary(Of String, String()) From { _
    { “Text field without default”, New String() {} }, _
    { “Text field with default”, New String() {“abc”} }, _
    { “Combo box”, New String() { “1st value”, “2nd value”, “3rd value” } }, _
    { “Another combo box”, New String() { “a value”, “the value”, “some value” } }
  4. Assigning variable in ‘Options’ properties of Input Dialog control Example : Options = Varaible1
    But I am getting error while assigning the variable in options properties .

Error : Type casting Error

Please help me what I will do .

Thanks & Regards.

Hi @Thiyagarajan,

The options of Input Dialog activity will accept only String - string array. So I think if we are trying to assign Dictionary in it , then it wont work. we will get type casting error only.

Hi sarathi125,

Thanks for quick response , can you give me any example how to show multi pal input box with array .
Here I want to assign some UIpath internal controls also like file operations (Create file ,delete file and append file).

Thanks & Best Regards,

You can achieve this by creating a custom activity to expand the functionality. Please refer Create multiple field input dialog - #2 by kuldip.gohil for more information.