How to add matched row to data table?

Could you guide me in the following scenario:
I look up for value from one .xlsx in another .xlsx.

If mechanisms return -1 => there is no match
In positive scenario it would return the index of the matched row.

Now i want to add this matched row to a new data table, but i don’t understand how to use properties of Add Data Row activity, bc index changes dynamically.

Thank you!

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No worries
in Datarow property of add data row mention like this

But make sure that the number of columns, order of columns, datatype of all columns of both the datatable are same

Cheers @kuzinyd

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Hi, @Palaniyappan
I’ve received the following message “message”: “Add Data Row: This row already belongs to another table.”
Before my for each i use assign activity to apply same schema to the data table where I store matched row:
FIltered_dt =Remainings_dt.Clone

To clarify the names of datat tables used:

And data table where i store final mathched rows which is FIltered_dt

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fine in that case
we can do one thing
in ArrayRow Property mention like this

Cheers @kuzinyd

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