How to add Jumperlinks in a pdf file

Hi, I have a process where I need to add JumperLinks in a Pdf file. So in one of the page it has the headers and if I click on the header it should navigate to the respective page.

Hi @sumareddy471

To add jumper links in a PDF file using UiPath, you can use the “Add Bookmarks” activity to add bookmarks for each header. You can specify the bookmark name and the page number where the header is located and then use the “Set Field” activity to create hyperlinks for the headers, finally save the PDF file with the updated bookmarks and hyperlinks using the “Write PDF Text” activity.


Hi Nitya,

Thank you for the quick response. Under which package I can find Add Bookmark activity?

Hi @sumareddy471

The “Add Bookmark” activity in UiPath is part of the “UiPath.Core.Activities”

Hi @Nitya1 ,

I see that UiPath.core.activities is now split into two packs: UiAutomation and System. So I have installed both the packages but still am unable to find the activity.

@Nitya1 is surely so nice and helps us with a screenshot.

some links to the official docus:

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