How to add information (Status, error message) at the end of a row?


My problem is simple i need to copy and past lines on a new excel Sheet with result like 2 new columns at the end saying “KO” and “Error message”

For exemple Data Table (Input):
ID | Name | Grade

ID | Name | Grade | Status | Error
A1,John,6, OK,
A2,Jamie,KO, Grade missing
A3,9,KO, Name Missing
A4,Janice,5, OK

i can determine status and Error message but i don’t figure out how to add it at the end of the row/datatable before write “range” on my new excel sheet.

I’m working for the moment in “each row” (i check if value are empty row by row)

Thank you in advance for you help :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate if you need more informations

I would recommend you to use second (output) DT with appropriate structure and copy to it data from your input DT.

1/ Create Output DT - use “Build Data Table” activity
2/ For each record in Input DT

  • evaluate the recort and determine “Status” and “Error”
  • add record to Output DT - use “Add Data Row” activity


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Hello, thank you for you help,

i found a way to do it:
After added column “Status, error” (Add data Column) just had to assign (in for each row)
like Assign: row(“Error”) = errorStr
or row(“Status”)=“KO”

Thank you !

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