How to add index to specific cell

I have a scenario, for example 2 columns are there in excel pr OR
the values coming from queue inpr 2, inorder=234
if row(“pr”).tostring=inpr and row(“OR”).tostring=inoeder
then write a some data in that cell in that row
column is Z
How to solve this one
I used for each loop in that output index given but its not working properly
@Gangadhar_Athili @THIRU_NANI @Palaniyappan

idx=DT.Asenumerable.Tolist.Findex(Function(r) r(col1).ToString=Str1 and r(col2).ToString=Str2)

Then Take write cell activity
In That range as “Z”+(idx+2).Tostring


Try this:

Assign intCounter = 1

Inside the loop do like this

Take one if condition

row(“pr”).ToString.Trim.Equals(inpr) and row(“OR”).ToString.Trim.Equals(inorder)

In then block use write cell activity with the help of counter variable

Range: "E2:E"+(Counter+1).ToString

Next to write cell increment the counter

Assign intCounter = intCounter+1


try this to get index

idx =DT.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(r,i) If(r(“pr”).ToString.Equals(inpr)) And r(“OR”).ToString.Equals(inoeder),i,-1)).Where(Function(x) x>=0).ToList(0)

in the write cell “Z”+(idx+2).Tostring