How to add images to PDF without using Word Application Scope activity?

Hi All,

I wanted to know how I can add images to PDF file without using Word Application Scope activity.?
In order to use the “Word Application Scope” activity, it is mandatory that the Microsoft Word application should be installed. However, in one of our systems, Microsoft Word application was not installed. So in this case how we can save them to PDF format?

With “Word Application Scope” activity:

  1. Create temp.docx file
  2. use Add picture to include all the screenshots/images
  3. Export to PDF

Without “Word Application Scope” activity:
How it can be done?

Hello @VinayRookie87,
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Without Word application it can be done using any other application which can save documents in pdf format. You will simply need to built process with some activities to open this application, click for add image and save the data. Eventually you can even use default Windows Wordpad application and combine it with “PDF printer” to ‘print’ document as PDF file :wink:
As they say: “Sky is the limit” :smiley:


Hi @Pablito. I will try this solution. Thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

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