How to add hyper link in each row

Hi All,

i need to add hyper links on each row, img for example

How to achieve this.

Thanks in advance


Follow the below steps to create hyperlink for all the rows

  1. Firstly read the datatable
  2. For each row in datatable
  3. Assign row(RequiredColumn) = String.Format(“<a href=‘"Url’”>{0}", System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(row(RquiredColumn).ToString()))
  4. Pass the Url variable name to Url in the above code.
  5. If row(RequiredColumn) value is passing in hyperlink it is passing in the ‘{0}’ in the above code.

If this works, Please mention as Solution


Hi @darshan.bp ,

can you pls check below one

i have assign cell_counter variable to 1 and incrementiing it.

but check the write cell (=Hyperlink(A2,A2) this one i feel something wrong, how to write so that it automatically increment all the row.

Hi All,
do we have a VBA macro for hyperlinks?


Try like this

  1. Use add data column and add a new column for hyperlinks say HL
  2. Use the following expression in assign dt.Columns("HL").Expression = "'=HYPERLINK('""[ColumnNameContainingValue]""','""[ColumnNameContainingValue]""')'"
  3. Remove the ColumnNameContainingValue and then paste the data back to excel