How to add Get Text Data in Excel rows?

For Example:
I had address using get text activity and i want to add that text in address column based on item

Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti

Use For each row in Data Tabel

Use assign activity

Currentrow(“address”) = Get text Output variable


Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti

Here is the workflow

Sam.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Sequence1.xaml (16.6 KB)


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Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti
If you want to add the address based on item value and on the row where item required is there,

First use the lookup datatable activity and find the row position of item value and update the address using

dt1.Rows(index_row)(“address”)= value

index_row is output from the lookup datatable activity.

Nived N


Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti

your steps could be as follows below!

read range the excel

for each row in readDt

Get text or Get attribute to get the desired address value you need the changing address need to wildcard the attribute that contains adresss


CurrentRow(“address”) = GettextoutVar

Outside the body of the loop

use Write range With same path and sheet and datatable!


i want to write the address based on the item row

follow the approach which i had wrote in my thread

So you are looking something like this?

Search for specific value in the item column and write the address there?

If yes you can follow these steps

  • Use lookup range give your item value and store in variable there it will get you the address of the item value
  • Write Cell in the particular cell by giving the cell value semi dynamic.
    For example Lookup range is returning as “B2”
    In the cell range you need to put “C”+System.Text.RegularExpression.Regex.Match(“LookUpRangeVariable”,"\d+").Tostring



thanks for reply

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