How to add formula in datatable

I need to add formula in datatable datatype should be interger since other variable are stored as integer ,if the formula also in integer,it can be added under same column name

Hi @sruthesanju ,

Can you please give some example of formula? which formula will be a integer type? Give the sample output you are looking.


Formula :=B16-B18 how can I add this as integer type in datatable

Integer datatype only accepts integer(numeric). You can’t set this formula “B16-B18” as integer. It is a string type.

Why you want this to be a integer? Can’t handle your situation if it is string datatype?

Hi @sruthesanju ,

You can’t store it in integer but their are many ways to do it.

Anyways you will store that data table to excel in the end.

1 - Use write cell activity and pass range you want that formula to be applied in excel.
2 Instead of formula you can also do calculation on data table before putting it back to excel.
3- You can use macro or interope code to achieve this.