How to add fields to AI Fabric Document Understanding Invoices Model

We were told that we could add new fields (like shipping/freight) to the out-of-the-box invoices model. I have been digging through the AI Fabric documentation for days and still have not found any examples or documentation to help get that done. I got a workflow created that sends to the ML Skill using the invoices package OK, but I don’t understand what else needs to be done.

How do I train this new ML Skill to recognize shipping as a field and start training it with sample invoices?

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I now see that we needed to get into the Data Manager and start using the available fields or add new fields through there. The shipping charges field was already available with the base Invoices model so that was already taken care of. It seems we could add custom fields as well through the Data Manager and use new sample invoices to train for that field as well if needed. Seems to work well.

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