How to add email attachments to Orchestrator Queues

Hi Devs, please any idea on how to add email attachments to orchesetrator queues.Please help

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Hi @stanstilo,

If you want to add email attachment to orchestrator queues first thing save attachment in particular folder
Use this method to get files -Directory.GetFiles(in_InputFolderPath)
and use add Queue item activity to add items into queues.Before that you need to create queue name as mentioned in config same as in orchestrator.

Check the below screenshot for references.

Here, properties of add queues item-mention queue Name as per config


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Hi @stanstilo

I hope we can only pass the file path either eml file or the attachment filepath to queue and not the eml or attachment itself

with that filepath we will be able to access from our local drive or from any shared drive , the eml files or attachments of the mail.

Cheers @stanstilo