How to add "Edge" as one of the browser options?

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How do I add Microsoft Edge as one of the browser options for “Open Browser” activity?

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It is there already, where you want to add it, May be you need to update your package. check that after update. I am using 2019.10 UiPath Studio version.

May I know how do I update the package for enterprise edition?


You need to go to the Manage Packages - Then select the UIAutomation Package - Click on Update. Then Save and exit the Manage Package window.

i updated the packages, but when i check on the version, it is still in 2018 4.4


What is your UiPath Studio Version?


You are using older version of Uipath studio (2018.4.4). That version don’t support Edge browser.

You can install latest Enterprise Edition 2019.4.4 then you can Work with Edge browser.

@sarathi125 @lakshman

I dont think I can update the software myself due to some certain issue. May i know is the UiPath Extension still working in the chrome store? I downloaded it and it is not working at all and the reviews in the chrome store claimed that the extension was not working for them as well. I changed the chrome extension ID and yet it is still not working.

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Is that PC contain IE or Chrome browser ?

For IE browser, no need to install any extension and for chrome browser we have to install extension.

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