How to Add dynamique number of rows to Auto fill Range activity

@Soudios - What is the variable type of NBLignes?

Before the Auto Fill range…Please use the writeLine and print the value and check…

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What i want is to count the number of rows and put on auto fill range for example :
“A1:Z and the number of rows”

@Soudios - Then please add like this…

““A1:Z” + NBLignes.tostring

Beaceus Source Range field accepts only string type…


yes so how can i do ?

it looks like the studioX Activity Copy/Paste Range is used.

Any Reasons for this?

When using the Excel related Copy/Paste Range activity:
You can work on String base

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@Soudios - Just add .tostring as shown above.

I have given the code already.

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Yes because copy sheet doesnt work for me

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