How to add dynamic delay in uipath

In uipath click activity we have a time out property how to add dynamic delay in that instead of adding as 1000,2000

Hi @sruthesanju

Instead of giving dynamic delays we can try with on element appear if you re working on a web automation!

And Refer to the threads below!


Hi @sruthesanju ,

Could you please try the suggestions from @pravin_calvin .

if you still want to go for hardcode delay but you want to input as dynamic time out you can store the milliseconds wait time like 1000 or 2000 in the config xls and you could retrieve by using the key value as Config(“TimeoutValue”).tostring and this is come as string output from the config xls but time out property will allow in milliseconds as integer type so we have to convert by using the below expression to get the timeout in integer type. i hope this would helpful to your question. thanks.



Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

I guess that you will be giving suggestion by this method!

We also use the same for some of the process

Short Delay


yeah you are right @pravin_calvin . more over same approach we usually do for short or medium or long delay.

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HI @sruthesanju

Just give it a try

  • Open the page or window manually and while loading use Find element and indicate on the screen specific part and enable the text or aaname or something constant in the attributes in UIExplorer and store in a variable
  • Use wait attribute and select the attribute that you enabled in find element
    and give the text

It will work like

  • It will find the element in and store that selector in the variable
  • After it will until it changes from the old attribute value to the new one which you have provided

I have used this method in my projects and it’s working like a charm.Hope this Helps


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