How to add duedate to queue item

In my dispatcher, I add items to my queue with the due date of 1 week.

When an item fails due to a business exception, I want it to be re-added into the queue with the same due date. How would I be able to do this?

I had a get transaction activity, and then assigned a date variable DueDate as transactionItem.duedate. However I keep getting Object reference not set.

Hi @happygal321!

Are you using ReFramework? Basically what needs to happen is that after the activity to change the status of the transaction, you need to add the queue item again.

yes I am using the Re-framework. But how do I re-add it to the queue with the same due date?

This due date is being stored in the queue??

yes it is. when it’s first added into the queue, i set the due date to be 1 week. The business exception can occur up to 10 times, so i need to re-add into the queue with the same due date of the first time it was added into the queue

You need to store the due date as a item information in the first time you add it, and use this information after to add the item after the business exception like i showed before.

Refer to this post to help with this procedure:


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