How to add dinamic chapter in Word Document

Hi everyone,
I need help, to complete a bot it has to automatically compile a template, possibly dynamically.
(I have a somewhat old version of Uipath, and cannot update it.)

I reached a good compromise, moving through the document with Word Bookmarks via Word Application Scope.
This way of operating is mostly sufficient,
but i would need to add a level of detail.

Specifically, I have to enter different menus of a WEB portal.
I would like to create a dedicated chapter for each line of this list.

For example:

Each element of this table contains a dedicated page, for this, I would like to create a chapter on the WORD document for each row of this table.
I do not know how to do.

I forgot, the number of lines, so the number of Chapters is variable.
So I need to find a dynamic way.

Does anyone know how to do?

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Hey @AaronMark

When you say chapters, does that mean the section or page title ?


Specifically, I mean this.
I marked the “macro-chapters” with Bookmarks. (in example 3.3 Data Connector)

The table below, the data connector is clearly dynamic, so in the example, it contains 4 rows.

For each of these lines, I have to open a dedicated section, giving it the name.

At the moment, I have created some bookmarks, inserting 4 or 5 chapters, so, if the list is <or = 5 lines, it might also work.
But if it were 6 lines, clearly I would not be able to create the new dedicated paragraph.
I wish I could read the table and then dynamically create the chapters. (if the table contains 3 lines, create 3 paragraphs below, if it contains 4, 4 paragraphs …)

I don’t really know how to do it.