How to add different excel files from a folder to single excel file

in that folder there will be 8 excel files
there will be two conditions
where three excel files have sheet names like first excel file have sheet name as flipkart29-07-2022 second sheet name as amazon 29-07-2022 third excel sheet name as olx29-07-2022 and the date will change based on day-1
another condition is where excel sheets have two sheets like sheet1 and sheet2 for the remaining 5 excel files
so i tried to do it in for loop but im having difficulty to do it so if any one could send me a workflow that would be very helpful for me. thanks in advance

Hey! Welcome to community…

Is that column names are same?


@THIRU_NANI no columns name would differ… when u have some time… could you send code for this please?