How to add different data tables in one excel in different column

I have 5 different data table I need to append these 5 data tables into one excel or CSV.
the bot will capture the details in the loop in this Datatables and append it to EXCEL/CSV.

@pthakre Read the excel/csv and count the number of rows. Increase rowCount+1 and append the next datatable from ( rowCount+1). If you do this inside the loop, it will get appended for all datatable.

i need to add different data tables and i need to append in different columns of excel

hi @pthakre

for each table you can use different sheet…

example: dt1 → sheet1,dt2–>sheet2 like that in single excel file

i cannot use different sheet need in single sheet but in different columns

for all 5 data table related to any unique key or something? if have any unique you can join the table and populate which column you want…other wise you just use merge data table for Ref Remove duplicate columns in datatable uipath

Provide the range with different range based on the columns you have in the first data table.


  1. Write the first data table with the existing range and get the number of columns you have in the first data table.
  2. convert that count to alphabet and provide it as the range to write the next data table