How to add dependencies?

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Today I downloaded one workflow(Main) from uipath forum then I opened the workflow by double clicking it then It is asking for some dependencies to install but I did not understand which packages I need to install.


How Can I know which packages to install?

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Great, here I need to install Workflow Manager Activities but How can I know for any other packages, Do I need to google that error message?

Is there any option in uipath studio to install all the required project dependencies?
like npm install for angular

Well we can get to know from the error message with what activity and its dependencies are missing, if its been used in regular time of your work or practice…else we can google with the error message buddy

Then for this

Well while creating a new project usually the uipath will install the basic dependencies that include basic activities…in order to make it feasible to our own need, we need to install them from MANAGE PACKAGE option in design tab in studio

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Thanks for the reply @Palaniyappan

I did not face any issue while creating my own projects but whenever I download any project, there I am facing this packages issue.

The error message also not so clear, atleast it should say which package name to install so that developer search for that package in MANAGE PACKAGE option in design tab in studio.

Well that will come in practice for sure buddy
you will get to know what activities and what dependencies are missing on seeing the error message,
as of now kindly go for google, sooner or later you can recognize it on your own
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Thanks @Palaniyappan for being available on forum
Your doing a great job…:clap:

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