How to add data to input field in Sap

How to add input data to input field if selectors are not working,ocr is not working,recording,set text,input text,anchor base activity are not working.What can i do

hi @muneeb
you did that before start automate?

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@ Yes i have read this. I have enabled local machine and server side scripting

you can try click image, indicate the position as the field you need to write, then use a type into, taking the general window. That should work

On Starting screen after creating connection. I have added transaction code
Then i have to add Client. I am facing on this It didn’t work on it
After that I added user and password it’s working fine.
Only issue on adding client

Hi @muneeb , Did you try using any hotkeys by clicking on the screen? Click on the window which you are trying to add client and try passing the TAB Hotkey.


HI @muneeb

The easiest way to find the solution and help you would be to provide us with a few screenshots

  • screenshot from SAP
  • screenshot from Studio

Entering data like “Type Into” is so basic activity, which is working almost always… I assume, that SAP Scripting is not activated. Please double check the latest documentation: Configuration Steps

Best regards, Lev