How to add data to a specific column by iterating through loop in the same excel sheet from which the data is being read?

1)Consider a sample excel sheet which already has some data in it.
2)Read the row data from the excel sheet column by column and row by row ,and search that particular data in multiple websites.
3)For instance,if the data is found in the first website, a input dialogue box appears to type “yes/no”.If the user types “Yes/No” then a new column of name of that website is to be created and a string named “Matched/Unmatched” is to be added to that column in the same excel sheet which is being read.
4)After adding, the same row data should be searched in another website and step 3 should be repeated and the response entered by the user should be entered dynamically in the same excel sheet, the following process should continue for multiple websites.
Please help me to solve this problem!!!.

@lucky121 use parallel statement actvity inside this give your websites and apply if condition

could you give me an example project of parallel statement activity @indra

@lucky121 Follow this link

thanks for your reply. but i’m facing problem with data entry into the excel sheet, for the first time when the loop is running the result i.e,(“matched/unmatched”) is being inserted into the first row of the desired column and for second iteration the result should be inserted in the second row of the same column, but for me the first inserted result is being overwritten by the second iteration.

Thats my main problem.Please help

@lucky121 In write cell activity first count num of rows count and pass rows count +1 in the write cell range