How to add data of a particular excel file column to another excel file column

I have 2 Excel tables with the same columns. I need to add the data in one column to the same column in the other table. What activity can I use?

can you share the two excel sheets with sample input data and what is your expected output…!




If both excel files contains same No. of Columns and same type of data then you use Merge DataTable activity to merge the data.

The 2 excel have the same columns, but in the third column they have different data and I need to join them all 2. I tried with Merge datatable and it didn’t work.


Could you please show me some sample input and output data. So that we can check and help you better in this.

Copia de Libros.xlsx (10.2 KB) Copia de Libros2.xlsx (10.2 KB)
These are the 2 tables that I need to join in one


Merge DataTable should work here.

May I know what error are you getting when using this activity ?

You were right, it worked out well with the merge data table. Thank you

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