How to add data into Queue if for one item there are multiple entries


As we can see in the above screenshot for one vendor number there are multiple email Address
For ex: 104166 vendor number there are two email addresses.
so for one a vendor I want to add two email addresses in one Queue.

How to do this?

@sambulkar I can suggest you to Group By and Combine the Emails, Hence It will appear as One Vendor with Two mail addresses in a Single row, and then you can directly add the Email and Vendor as a String into the Queue.


Could you please explained how to do this?

Create a sequence for changing your excell file
You have just to add a collumn and asign to it 1,2,3…
it will be a temporary id.
and here you can process data one by one.

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@sambulkar Can you try the Following Steps :
1.Read the Excel File, Get the Output as Datatable, say DT.

  1. Use an Assign Activity in this way :
    DT = (From p In dt.AsEnumerable() Group By x= New With { Key.a =p.Item(“Vendor”)} Into Grp = Group Select dt.Clone.LoadDataRow (New Object() {grp(0)(0),String.Join(";",© c(“E-Mail”).ToString))},False)).CopyToDataTable

  2. The Resulting Datatable i.e DT, will have GroupedDT, You can Check the DT by Writing it to an Excel File using Write range, where the emails are separated using a semicolon " ; "

  3. You can Iterate it and Add to the Queue on by one by specifying the Details in ItemInformation Parameter.

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